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    Excluding a group from software distribution tasks


      I have a group of people we need to exclude from all software distribution tasks. Soem tasks are populated manually but many are populated via query. I am trying to determine a method to ensure anyone within this group is skipped or otherwise left out of the target list.

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          This may be an option for you. You could add an exclusion statement to the bottom of your query.  By using an "AND" statement with the "Not Like" operator to specify the group of users you do not want the query to include that will be associated with your software distribution task.  You could use the "Primary Owner" attribute in your exclusion statement.  Another option would be to use the Description attribute if the computer description matches your required group.  Before using "Primary Owner", think if the workstations are being used by other people/groups, if so this may not give you a 100% consistent group based on the most frequent user logging into the computer.  If the users are in an OU that matches the desired group, the OU name could be used in the "Edit values" field of the exclusion statement.  Hope this helps.

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