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    Policy Status Question


      Can some explain the difference between the following status categories for a scheduled task.



      Delayed - The policy has been advertised in the LANDesk Software Deployment Portal


      Waiting - Policy has been made available



      I originally thought that delayed was referring to the max random delay option in the Software Distribution settings in the agent configuration. The max random delay setting is set to one hour but I have systems that have had a delayed status for days

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          I have the same question. Users where the scheduled task is advertised but delayed don´t see there application in the SDP!

          How can this be resolved?

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            Good question. I've always had a problem with the status of "waiting" and not knowing exactly how to kick it to get moving.

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              Ascott860 Specialist

              I believe that Delayed is in reference to an Optional installation where as the job is made available to the end user to download and install via the software deployment portal.


              I believe a Waiting status would be a job that is required by the endpoint and is "waiting" for the agent to check in for it's particular policy to start the installation. As for getting an agent to check in and start that "waiting" policy, either fire up the Software Deployment Portal on the end point to force a policy sync, use the beta tools that give you that functionality on a right click of a device, push out the package sync script, or wait for the agent to check in for policy itself based on the agent settings.

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                mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                This is usually caused by a corrupt database on the client.


                If you right click on a system in the consol and choose "scheduled tasks and policies" you will see something like this:





                (Click on the picture to have it enlarge)


                The items in green are "waiting" and the result is "policy has been made available", but I know this system has been online for weeks!  If things were working correctly, these would look like the items in yellow.


                I did a lot of digging into this a couple years ago, and the issue still exist in LD88 SP3.


                I have created and posted a fix that will delete the client side DB and some of the xml files, etc that relate to polices and then recreate the database.  More on that in a minute...


                We use this tool on a regular basis and it works great, as you can see if the image below, this is what it looks like 5 minutes after I ran the tool.


                Some things to know....


                It can take 5 - 10 minutes for the users portal to repopulate after running this, also the changes in the image can take that long.


                There is possible downside... if you have a task that is set to "required" and it is still running, there is a change that policy may run again after running this tool.


                Here is how it looks a few minutes later:






                You can find the script / tool that I run in this older post:





                Give it a try on a system and see how it works for you.


                If you want to target systems that are having this issue, it is a bit of work, but you can go to your "portal" tasks in your  "scheduled tasks" and go to the "pending" list for each, sort by status, grab those that are "waiting" and drag them to your tasks.  Check some or all of these tasks and grab and drag, then start the task to fix it.


                Let me know what you find




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                  That script should be included with the others by default. Definately a good maintenance task.

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                    PtrGk Rookie

                    I'm wondering if anyone can answer the original question? We have version 9 sp 2. We tried to stop and start the scheduler, then restart the policy push.


                    If the policy status is in "Waiting", "Policy has been made available", The user can see it in the Desktop Manager.


                    If the policy status is in "Delayed", "The policy has be advertised in the LANDesk Software Deployment Portal", The task does not show up in Desktop Manager.


                    I appreciate the batch file that James Marriott posted, however, it's goal is the opposite of what I'm trying to accomplish. I need the users in a status of "Waiting", "Policy has been made available",


                    I have quite a few users "in the field" which do not connect to our network in any way. They are receiving their updates via the Gateway without a problem. Many of the field users connect through a wireless cellular connection such as "Mi-Fi".


                    The bottom line question is: What's the difference between Policy made available and Policy is advertised?


                    Thanks in advance for your time.

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                      My policy status works opposite of the way that you describe. A task that is in the Waiting status means that a policy is available for a computer and is waiting for the computer to perform it's next check-in for any new policies. Once the computer checks in, these tasks' status will change to Delayed. So with our optional software in the Portal, once a shows as available the computer's status should change from Waiting to Displayed under that specific task.

                      I think this is totally backwards with the wording. You would think that a task would be in a delayed status and will then be waiting. Not sure who decided what terms to use.