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    LDMS 9.0 HII osd imaging

    LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

      Has anyone gotten this new feature in LDMS 9.0 to work like its supposed to. I have tried creating HII images but they haven't been very HII lol.  I dont see any BKM articles posted on this so was wondering if anyone could chime in on how they are doing it. Thanks.

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          What problems have you seen?  What OS are you deploying?


          Let me know.

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            EMiranda Expert

            I have tried using and havn't had great success either.  Like you said, there is not much documentation.  I did see a quick guide but doesn't really cover in depth what is going on or how to troubleshoot issues if things go wrong.  I would like to know what the hiiclient.exe does?


            But for my experience:


            I created a base win7 image, I loaded the drivers in the management console, added my models\manufacturer.

            I deploy the image successfully, but it's not injecting any drivers.



            I have only tried win7 images because with xp I'm still using Jan Buelen's HII whitepaper for my HII and it still works great in 9.0.

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              Did you run sysprep with the -oobe option or the -audit option?  The BKM for Windows 7 deployment was recently updated to say to use the -audit option for HII to work.  That document can be found here:


              Best Known Method for Deploying Windows 7 - Revision 3 updated 3/19/2010


              If you run sysprep /oobe it will not install drivers, although they should be copied to the c: drive.  You'll need to run sysprep /audit.


              The sysprep information is on page 4.  Additionally there were changes on page 5 stating to leave the C drive or active partition setting to partition 1, even if the 100 MB EFI partition exists on the device.  If you have a copy of that file from before 1/27/2010 (today) I would recommend you re-download that file and go through it again, noting the changes I just outlined.


              Let me know if that works!

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                EMiranda Expert

                I did follow the updated guide, my server is also patched with the hotfix.


                I'm syspreped with /audit /generalize /shutdown


                I have my options in auditsystem, audituser


                Everything "seems" like it is working right.  Maybe you can answer a couple questions to help me troubleshoot the issue:



                Where is the default location that the hiiclient.exe is injecting the drivers?

                I notice if i run the hiiclient.exe manually it produces a log file.  Where does this log file get placed?

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                  Glad to hear you've got your sysprep run correctly.


                  Here is the answer to your questions:


                  1 - hiiclient copies the drivers to the c:\windows\lddriverstore folder.


                  2 - hiiclient's log file goes to x:\windows\system32

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                    EMiranda Expert

                    Thanks for the help Mach6, you helped me resolve my issue.


                    First thing i did was removed the following line from my OSD script:


                    REMEXEC44=ldrun reboot, timeout=2


                    This way the machine didn't automatically reboot and i could go into the PE directory x:\windows\system32 to see the hiiclient.exe log. (a recommendation maybe for the future would be to copy this log file to the core)



                    Looking at the log it was telling me that it did not recognize my model.  In the past when using HII, i would only need a WMI call to the System Model but it seems as LANDesk 9.0 HII is using both Manufacturer & Model and it must be an exact match.



                    So in my Manufacturer listing there was HP, however even though this was an HP machine, the BIOS recognized this particular model as Hewlett-Packard. Once I changed the Manufacturer to the correct name, everything seems to be working as normal now.

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                      I'm glad that got it working!




                      I would recommend checking out the document that was linked above and let me know the results of following it.  The doc is for Win7, but the HII stuff should work for anything XP and above (and possibly 2000).

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                        LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

                        After testing quite a bit I figured my issue was the sysyprep.inf file. I had an entry "ExtendOemPartition=1" and apparently that doesn't play too nice with the way LANDesk lays down the image. Once I removed this line the machine booted up fine.

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                          Glad to hear you got it going!