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    How do I recover docs, favorites, etc. from a bad LDProfile folder?

    Froggmann Apprentice

      Ok I've gone one notch beyond crazy here and it's starting to scare some of the folks here in the office. I need an answer and I need it pretty quick.


      There was a problem with a machine in another office and I had them send it in. I pulled the profiles off the machine using the LDProfile tool and didn't think about manually backing them up until the machine was halfway done with being re-imaged.



      Anyways, mach.msi repeatedly fails with arbitrary errors that never mean anything, no files get put in their places and I have no backup files to put in their places (My Docs, Favorites, desktop) I can rebuild everything else but I need those folders back with their proper pathes. Can anyone help me?



      Errors so far are:


      2716 (In event viewer)




      1603 In (MACH.log)