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    Software/Patch Distribution Scenario Question


      I have a software and patch distribution scenario that I am working on and I could use some advice, tips, suggestions, best practices, etc.


      I have multiples of sites with a variety of configurations that I need to manage. Most will not have internet access and may not have an onsite server or LANDesk administrator. I need to distribute patches and software to these sites.


      Thanks to new features in version 9, I can export/import pretty much everything that I need, copy to disk and then ship to the sites. I then need to provide simple instruction to perform the import and then start the task. Some of the applications are exe and others are msi.


      Here is where the challenge lies. There will be new machines as well as machines that have already been configured. I will have almost no way to know what state they are in as far as patching and software inventory. Patching, I am not overly concerned with because the definitions seem pretty sound at detection and deployment. Software disribution is a challenge in that I won't know what is on the target machines.


      What method is the best for distributing software/patches so that if the installation fails, that installation will exit and the next will begin regardless of the reason for the failure?