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    Window 7 - Unattend.xml - Variable does not exist




      I'm trying to deploy Windows 7 x86 with a provisioning template. I have create an Unattend.xml file with the SIM tools. My unatend works fine if I run it manually, with setup.exe and  /unattend switch.

      Now in my provisioning I added the task Scripted Install... And everytime I run it, I have this message on WinPE : User variable does not exists!

      I have delete all variable, even the computername into my XML. And the error still...


      The provisioning add correctly the part regarding runsynchonous with the CMD, but something goes wrong and I do not understand what happens..


      Any idea??




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          In provisioning the process will look for a % and then look for a second %.  Anything between those two is treated as a variable.  The problem often is that there are Windows variables in the same format (%windir%, for example).  Open your unattend file and see if you have any variables like that.  If you have a Windows variable in your script you need to change it to have %% in place of every % (%windir% would become %%windir%%).


          Let me know what you find out.



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            Many thanks for the variable. It was the case!

            I have added in the unattend.xml, into the OOBE phase, the Sidebar component and there is reference the "programfiles" variable. Many thanks for that.


            **FYI: Another thing that will be good to know, you cannot use a provisioning variable to put into the Local Admin Password with the SIM. Because, if you put the variabe with the SIM, when the SIM save the file, it will encrypt by default the password and landesk will never have the ability to replace it. The result was the password is %LocalAdminPwd% . You should edit the XML with Notepad, and never again with SIM. END FYI**


            Now I will contine the W7 deployment in the provisioning:

            Next Steps after OS install, there is the Post-OS Installation, with basically the HII part. But do you know that Windows 7 will reboot automatically during the setup. And after the reboot in the setup phase, the provisioning will not start. The result is the provisioning is lost, because it try to make HII part into the Windows part and not into WinPE.


            Then I have removed the HII part to see if the rest is OK. Windows installed correctly, then autologon (do not forget to add in the XML). Once into Windows the provisioning process start, I see it into the task manager, but I have no GUI, the process "provisioningGUI" is started, I see it but not interface... Any idea?


            Voilà! I will continue my exploration with W7 and the provisioning...


            Let me know about all that point. I can open support call if you prefer... ANd when my solution is good I will publish the template and XML file.


            Thansk & Regards

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              Hi Lionel,


              I had a quick question about the "%" sign in the unattend.xml. You said to put an extra "%" sign on all the windows variables. Does that also count for LANDesk variables? I have a couple of variables in my .xml file for administrator passwords and such. Sound like i need an extra "%" sign for everything but i just want to be sure.





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                MarkB SupportEmployee

                You only need the extra % for the windows variables. The LANDesk variables are used in the Template or Public variables that you would create for your templates.