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    Automatic Grouping of devices




      For our server environment, we use Landesk Patch Management to deploy updates.  Now some servers out there I can set to automatically update but others I need to manually deploy on a monthy basis. To manage this, I create a folder structue under Public devices to deal with ther differences.


      My question is, when I build a brand new server and install the Landesk Agent, is there a way to have the server go into a custom folder under Public Devices.  Like patch manager moves newly downloaded patches into a folder called Unmanaged, I would like to do the same for newly provisioned servers.


      Is this possible?

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          I am sorry to inform you that there is no automated process avalaible to move the devices when they get added to a specific custom group that you have created within the network view.


          This means that you will need to manually move the servers as they get added to the group that you want them to appear in.