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    Package will not deploy via Policy or Policy-supported Push


      I deployed a Firepass VPN client to a 100 machines for testing, two weeks later I go to push it out to the other 500 laptops and get a "The client does not support the features required by the specified package and cannot be downgraded."  This worked just fine on the first 100 machines.  The software package does not download to the client, but I can run the software package just fine from the UNC path.  I reset the package hash and tried it again without success.  I was able to change the Delivery Method to a Push with Multicast turned on or off and it worked just fine.  I am able to deploy other software to the machine with a policy-supported push.


      I am running LANDesk management console 8.8 SP3 from a fresh install.  The agent is up to date.