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    Restricted Action

    JulianWigman Expert



      I'd like to be able to restrict an Action so that only the raise user has the rights to selcet it.


      So a precondition on the status (before the action)  which  tests on Raise User = $CurrentUser$.


      The reason is because this Action needs to be privileged for all users but only want the person creating to be able to select.


      I read somewhere that cant use $currentuser$ in calculations at the moment.  But also cant see a way to do with "Standard" type conditions either.


      It's probably really simple and I'm being an "Id-yut"  but can anyone point me in the right direction here.





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          elizabethcombrink Employee

          Hi Julian - is this what you are looking for?

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            JulianWigman Expert

            Hi Elizabeth,


            I thought of that but then convinced myself it wouldnt work before I even tried.


            I'd though it would be in the "comparison" field  as something like "Is CurrentUser" as per QueryTool so discounted.


            I'd better put my "let's be adventurous" hat back on again.


            Thanks for the tip.



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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Julian, Elizabeth,


              Just to clarfiy how this works to stop a possible system down.... When you select the comaprison type of Runtime Value and then focus on the Value textbox do not try to type directly into the box.  The UI may let you, but if you do it can cause an error that will stop all Console logins.


              When you focus on the textbox notice the elipsis button at the far right edge (...).  Click this and you'll get the familiar Value Type dialog box you see when creating automatic actions in Process Deisgner.  From the dialog you can then select the macro value of CurrentUser.



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                JulianWigman Expert



                Good point.


                Just for note though it's a dropdown arrow rather than an ellipsis (...) at the far right of the "value" textbox.