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    LDMS 8.8 - Multiple Inventory Queries for software deployment

    Jose.Dominguez Rookie

      Is there a way to create a query that's based on bringing together multiple existing queries?


      For example, I'd like to deploy a piece of software if it meets the following criteria (I can then create and assign a prerequisite query to the distribution package):

      a.  the software is not already on the machine

      b.  the computer has X amount of disk space available (query already exists)

      c.  the computers don't include models X, Y, Z (query already exists)

      d. etc.

      e. etc.


      For now, I've been creating new queries that incorporate all the info I already have as part of existing queries - while it works, it's not an efficient way to work.  Hopefully there's a way to pull in multiple queries that I just haven't been exposed to.