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    Customer Access to Helpdesk




      There are a couple of things we would like to do concerning customer access to their calls.


      1. We would like to be able to send a link to the customer by email that directs them to the Internet Edition Helpdesk so they can view the status of their call. Ideally it would be good if they do not need to sign-in too.

      2. If in Helpdesk tables can be created for customers to complete selected feedbacks and then be linked to the Internet Edition so the customer can complete the survey.


      Please can anyone help or any ideas??

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          Mroche SupportEmployee

          It is possible to use Autoemail to send a notification to the customer when an call is created, updated etc... and provide a url to the Helpdesk Internet Edition login page but the customer would have to login manually.  The email Autoemail sends out can be modified so that it would show them their HIE login ID, however, the customer would need to either know their password or you could let customers with null passwords login (In Web Manager, select the 'Customer privileges' folder and un tick the 'Do not allow customers with null passwords to login' check box.  There are potentially security concerns when allowing customers to login without passwords.


          It is not possible to have customers complete surveys within Helpdesk Internet Edition but we do sell a product called SurveyCenter which integrates with Helpdesk.  Please contact your account manager if you are interested in additional information regarding SurveyCenter.

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