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    thinapp related queries


      I have just started with thinapp and would like to get a clarification on below items. I read through the documentation but it was not clear on these item.


      I got in touch with landesk support and discussed these but there wasn't any ticket logged for this for me to follow up with support. I mailed the details of discussion to support engineer and didn't get  any response.


      #1: Is there a way to prove comandline option to the actual exe by providing command line options to the virtual exe?


      Support engineer answered there is no way to do this and said he would check with developers an confirm. I would like to get a confirmation if there any third party tools and any other way to make the virtual exe to accept comline options.

      #2: Updating files in the virtual application without rebuilding and redeployment


      Support engineer answerd there is no way to do this and said he would check with developers an confirm. I would like to get a way to push only the updated files with rebuilding the virtual exe again.


      #3: Editors to edit the virtual exe?
      Ans: Support engineer answerd there are no tools to edit the virtual exe but I would like to cross check if there are third party tools to edit the virtual exe.


      #4: Troubleshoot the applications problems
      Ans: support engineer mentioned he is going to check with developers if there are any other tools other than logmonitor.exe to troubleshoot or monitor problems with virtual exe.


      #5:Specify the actual version and subversion so that updates to package will not change the actual version of the package
      Ans: I would like to know complete details about the versioning of application so that intermediate changes to the application will not change the actual version of the application. For example: I've packaged Firefox 3.0 and if there are any changes to the same version of application there should be some subversion available to update so the modifications done to Firefox 3.0 virtual exe are pulled by the clients using appsync which works on versioning. If the a details documentation on which version appsync depends on and how exactly it works, it would be great.


      #6: Folder structure of the application on the client

      I would like to know how will be the folder structure be on the client side if I use url (not share) for appsync. a details documentation on how to configure the url and how will the client and server folder structure will be, it would be great.


      #7:Can the application be used by more than one user in multi user os (2003) (windows 7?)?
      I guess the exe will be in use so I’m guessing it won’t work but would liek to know how it is supported when more than one user is suing the application.


      #8:What should be the values of the following setting in package.ini if do not want to prompt the user for update ever?

      A doc explaining each of these settings in detail would be great.



      Hoping some one from landesk support will respond to this and doesn't ignore as in case of the support call.




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Prakash - you can also log support tickets through the self-service portal - as long as your company has a support agreement with LANDesk, you can get access to the self-service portal. That way you create the tickets, and they're already in the system and can be followed up / looked at normally.


          Normally, any case that comes in through the phone is logged - maybe the relevant tech was too busy that day, and put it off for the next, or something like that - that sort of stuff can happen - there's not enough information to go on either way, but suffice to say that yes - normal process is indeed that all phone calls do get logged as well.


          If you don't have access to the self-service portal (for instance, you used a private e-mail address for your community account), then you will need to get in touch with support to get this remedied (we'll need to link any records relating to you in our support-tool backend to your community account manually).


          It should be noted that while the community is monitored by some support folks, it should not be noted that this is an activity outside of normal work duties for most, and as such is NOT a good way to properly create support tickets. That's what the self-service portal is for - assuming your company has the support contract to go with it (which most do), there should be no problem in getting this set up for your account.


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead