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    Software distribution package slow download additional files ?




      We are using currently version 8.8 sp3.


      I created a distribution package (batch) and with it a additional file (+- 80MB). I placed this distribution package in a OS deployment Task. When this task starts to run it will start to download the additional file to the ..\LDClient\sdmcache\..etc..etc directory. I can see the progress goes with a blazing speed of approx 2kb/s.


      Why is this so slow ? Did I miss some configuration option. The computer is connected to a GBit network and a fast fileserver. The image for the os deployment is on the same server/disk and will do a deployment under a minute and is approx 1GB of data. All the other packages we deploy by a policy supported push with the run from source option are fast.


      Can someone give me a hint where this could go wrong ?