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    Changing Business Object Icons


      I was wondering if there was a way to change Business Object icons from the default (three coloured circles)?


      I note that in the attributes of a Business Object there is one for 'Image' however this does not appear to do anything?


      In the 'Configuration Management' list under, say for example, 'Servers' - I would like my Configuration Items to be represented by an icon other than the default.


      Does anyone have any ideas?

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          LegoGuy SupportEmployee

          You can open object designer and edit the object.  Once the object is open make sure you click on the top level of the attribute tree.  There will be a property on the right side for the image that is used to represent this object.  You can change that to whatever you want.

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            Hello Nephi - thank you for your reply.


            I changed the attribute that you are talking about.  It did not amend the icons used for the CI types in my list - I also tried an IIS reset just in case.


            In this instance the object is called 'Servers' - I was hoping that all created CI types under 'Servers' would adopt the new icon.  I also created new test CIs to test whether the icon would start working for new items - it did not.


            The icons are, however, reflected within the 'CI Structure' within Configuration Management (this is a seperate list of CIs from which you can drag and drop onto a diagram view for things like service mapping) - which is most odd.


            Any ideas what might be going wrong?

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              Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

              Hi Shaun,


              The object icons aren't used universally, as you've discovered they are used on CI structure diagrams but not in the CI Management component.  You'll also find that they are used in knowledge search resuts, if you set icons for things like Articles and Incidents they will be used when you do a knowledge search so you can at-a-glance identify what kind of results you're getting.


              If you would like the icons to be used in other components please raise an enhancement request.