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    Any downsides if we run "LANDesk(R) Management Agent" (CBA8) service with Desktop Interaction?




      As part of package upgrades, we give a couple of pop-ups to the end user to notify about the upgrade, and a reboot prompt after the upgrade. All the pop-ups will be triggered through VBscripts.


      This has been working fine wtih the existing Software distribution system (ManageSoft) and followed the same in LANDesk yesterday. But, I observed that, none of the above pop-ups are triggered even though the VBScript execuation is sucessful. After spending some time, I realized that the "LANDesk(R) Management Agent/CBA8" serverice is not running wtih desktop interaction.


      After enabling the deskto interaction, the pop-ups are triggered fine.


      My questions are....


      1. Is it suggestable to run this service in desktop interaction mode?

      2. what are the side effects if we run this service in interaction mode?

      3. Will it trigger any other pop-ups during LANDesk processing?