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    Setting scheduled task´s by command line ?




      Is it possible to set scheduled task's by command line ? For example I have a office distribution package, can I create or add a device to the scheduled task to deploy this package to the device ? Ofcourse by the command line. I do mean on the Landesk server, not localy on the device.



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          I am not sure what you mean by add a device to the task via the command line on the core server?


          Are you trying to use a command line function to generate a task in the core server? via Global Scheduler?


          One method for adding devices to a task, would be to create a query that would indicate the device needed the patch and then applying that query to the task and setting to the task to reoccur on a regular period,


          Ie. Task to deploy office patch - runs every other day, on running the attached query is run and it then deploys to the targets that appear in the queries list.


          The other option would be custom definition and point that at package etc, and then have the devices scan to see if they are vulnerable.


          I am unsure if it is possible to use the command line to add targets on the core server, much as you could on the local device add a task to run.

          (using these commands - http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2328 & http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-5778 )


          If you could expand a little on what you are trying to achieve then we would be in a better situation to provide you with a better answer and if it is possible or not.




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            Hello Stephen,


            what I try to achieve is the following thing, all by command line.


            1. Add a bare metal device to the Landesk core server so the name is known in the database.


            2. Deploy an OS on the bare metal device.


            For number 2 you can schedule a OSD Template. The only thing to be done next is to add this bare metal device to the scheduled task of the OSD template. When this part is done, the bare metal device will be installed when it's pxe booted.


            The trouble is that I don't know how I can add this bare metal device to the scheduled task of the OSD template by the command line. I know how it's done by the GUI.


            So I want something that creates a scheduled task of a OSD Template or/and adds the bare metal device to it due a command line command and not by the GUI.


            I will look at the localsch.exe but I think you already have a working client environment to deploy the distribution packages. Mayby there is some command for the global scheduler too.