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    Provisioning WinXP Images without sysprep


      Hi All, i tested a workaround to deploy OEM images or images without having to use sysprep, meanwhile it could be useful in bypassing issues on ConfigureTargetOs action in provisioning. Maybe it’s not really a supported procedure but it worked for me, I hope you will appreciate.


      CONSIDERATIONS:Maybe it’s not more useful and a bit old-fashioned deploying non sysprepped images, but someway I found many customers with this need, for a back-up, for OEM environment, to avoid some boring post OS configuration or software distribution. My principal mean was to underline the step in which we bypass the Configure Target OS action that often caused issues and get guys crazy working on it.              

      CTOS is finally,once for all, perfectly, explained in doc http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-6948)“..The CTOS prepares the machine to resume provisioning after the client boots into the target OS, then restarts the machine, leaving WinPE and allowing the computer to boot normally. In order for the CTOS action to work, the image that was deployed to the client MUST be sysprepped..” 

      If the landesk agent is already installed on the image you have to capture, you can copy ldprovision files and then force ldprovision.exe to run at startup using Actions.ini file of CBA. The ldprovision agent does not need to be installed because it uses CBA services already actives so it’s enough copy the few files that ldprovision.exe needs in a folder on the C: of pc and then run ldprovision.exe at the right time, when the new OS boots.Actually I don’t know exactly which file are needed, but after some tests I select few files from \\core\ldlogon\provisioning\windows and it worked. If the LANDesk agent is not installed?? I wonder why you could not install ldprovision agent before imaging so that new ghosted OS booting continues to be provisioned!?LANDesk’s support maybe could give help in this, I did not try to do it yet.



      see attach

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          EMiranda Expert

          I use a similar approach with the ldprovisioning.exe.  I found that provisioning cannot really be set as a "policy" unless the machine is turned on when you hit "start now" during your scheduled template.  If the machine was off then the provisioning template would just stay in a pending state forever.  So my workaround was to copy the ldprovisioning files to the c:\drive and then when i had a provisioning template scheduled, I would force the connection by calling ldprovisioning.exe.


          This worked great for installing software during a deployment during first log on.


          however instead of copying the files from the core server, i booted off a winpe provisioning pxe job and then copied the files that were downloaded from the core which ended up in x:\ldprovision.



          Hopefully future update to provisioning will help us out better so we dont have to use these workarounds.