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    Edit the subject line in a close window?


      When we close a ticket, we type all of our notes in the subject and body of the resolve window, but then are required to fill out something in the subject line of the close window in order to close the call. The software will not let me change the line to non-mandatory, is there a way to have text such as "see resolve notes" auto populate the subject line of that close window? I am using version 7.3.1.




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          A couple of thoughts.  The first is to vote for this one!




          OK now you could create a 'wrapper' action for close which doesn't have a database mandatory field, collects the same data and then does the close in the process.  There you can fill in the title field with soemthing fixed.


          The other thing that's worth looking at is to use a windows business rule in Window manager to copy the field you have filled in to the field that is mandatory.  Saves twice the typing and if you make the title field non-display, the copy should still workand the field be goiven a value, but no-one will see it.

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            elizabethcombrink Expert

            Vote for Dave's suggestion - and raise it with your service provider to add your name to the growing list of customer's asking for the "enhancement request"



            Why are you using a Close action if you are not capturing meaning ful information?  I presume thats so you can get from Resolved to a Closed status.  If you don't need the 2 different status, get rid of the one.  (But there are ITIL reasons for keeping both!!)


            I go from Resolved to Closed by using the CloseProcess application which allows me to automatically push resolved incidents to closed, and populate the mandatory field after 5 working days.  I expect this to be achievable using scheduled bulk queries as well in 7.3.1 - but I don't know as I'm still on 7.2.4.  I do this to allow my customers the time to request an unresolve if they wish.



            But I am considering creating a new Close object collection on my incident, and to ditch the OOTB one - that way I won't have the limitation :-)  But is it worth the effort...

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              Thanks for the good info, I appreciate the help!