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    Asset Tag Info


      How can i find the asset info using queries? I mainly want to pull the asset info from entered asset tags within Dells Bios (e6400 and e4300 latitudes). I have updated a few laptops with asset numbers and run an inventory however i cant find the information within the inventory. Any suggestions with these models?

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          The asset information is usually under the "System" tree in the inventory, did you look here?

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            Yes i have checked there. I see a number of feilds for asset when slelecting ibmt43's information but none on the e4300 models or the e6400's.

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              You may need to run the Inventory command with the "/sync" switch to get the full system inventory.  Good luck.

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                "Asset Tag"-stuff is quite ... shall we say ... "interesting".


                So for one, the sad truth is that hardly anyone adheres to the BIOS standards, particularly when it comes to Asset Tags. We've got about 3 different places we snoop for Asset Tag strings - most of the time we're lucky in one of them, sometimes there's nothing to be had.


                There is an old document I recall that explained how to try and get that information into Inventory from the BIOS strings ...




                Ah - found it ... it's from 2000. The only real change is that instead of the "LDAPPL.INI" you should be editing the "LDAPPL3.TEMPLATE" and then (in SLM) hit the "make available to clients" button (in the 32-bit console), so that it writes out the LDAPPL3.INI with whatever changes you deemed necessary.


                That should help you along


                P.S.: check if you can get BIOS updates for those boxes. Some OEM's do fix things like that ...


                - Paul Hoffmann

                LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead