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    Windows 7 image not deploying


      Hi all


      I am having a trouble deploying a Win 7 image. I am using the latest version of Image X that comes with Windows 7 AIK and using Landesk 9.


      I create my image.

      Sysprep it (or not the same results occurs either way)

      Boot into WinPE Provisioning via the F8 menu

      Capture the image in the normal way  M:\imagex.exe /compress fast /capture C: L:\Avalon.wim "Driver C"

      Image says captured successfully


      Swap PC's and boot to WinPE Provisioning

      deploy the image in the normal way M:\imagex.exe /apply L:\Avalon.wim 1 C:

      Landesk says sucessfully deployed the image

      PC reboots and gets NTLDR is missing


      Imaging is working finr for all my XP images but Win 7 isnt having any of it.


      Any ideas??