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    Remote Control -5 Error


      Deployed a new agent to our 1000 machines and now the remote control function does not work!  Getting the -5 error on all of them.  I think I may have made a few changes in the agent and was just trying to reinstall the agent because some of the machines didn't have it fully installed.  We are a 1:1 school on wireless and I think some of the installs were partial installs.  I have a test machine that has worked in the past, with the new agent I get the -5 error on that as well.



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          Truffles SupportEmployee

          The -5 error is usually caused by Integrated Security being enabled on the client and permissions are not obtained from the core server. A test for this is to attempt to use Local Template security instead of Integrated Security for Remote Control. If that works then it is a permission problem.

          What basically happens for Remote Control is that the viewer contacts the client...the client responds with Integrated Security...the viewer sends a signed rights document to the core server on 443...the core server checks the user in the database, AD (COM+), and other places. If all checks out then a signed rights document is generated by the core server and sent to the client.

          Normally...the COM+ objects is where this process fails. The COM+ objects need to have a user that has read access to Active Directory and this user gets reset when a service pack is installed.