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    Admin password query


      Does anybody know a way of querying windows administrator passwords?

      I want to be able to report which machines DO NOT have our default admin password.....did think about perhaps setting up some kind of task, using the admin account and password and the reporting those that fsiled, but seems a bit of a long-winded solution.


      Any help appreciated.

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          I do not think this is possible due to the Microsoft security architecture.

          Normally the password is saved in Windows as an hash so it is not possible to know the original password.

          Windows applies a sort of hash function to the password you enter in the login and compares the result.

          If the result matches the access is granted.

          There is a possibility to store the passwords in AD as reversible encryption but....is quite complex and not Out of the box solution.



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            There exists a security scan item in security manager (ST000016 in 9.0) that uses a VB script to check the local admin password against a list of known passwords and report the machine as vulnerable if one of these passwords work.  You should be able to copy and modify this to report what you're looking for.