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    Firefox Setup 3.6_ENU.exe detecting the Patch


                So I had an issue with users getting Firefox installed without having a previous version of Firefox with this .exe.  I checked the Files and Registry Settings for detecting the Patch and I can see no detection variables.  I have made sure that I selected the .exe before selecting Properties in the Properties for FIREFOX3v3.6_UPGRADE_ENU window.  Does anyone know what detection rules are used.  I have searched and have been unable to find anything.

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          They have their vuln logic locked, but you can go to the SQL table and change it to be a custom def (not something for someone to do lighlty), and see what they are looking for.


          I have done this recently for another reason and checked just now for you.


          Under affected products you will see a list of Firefox versions, when this is a custom def you can "peak" at what this points to.


          Here is an example of one of them