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    More Driver Issues..


      OK Guys - I have another question regarding drivers (Yes all my questions previous to this have also been about drivers haha)


      So we have these new PC's from Dell T1500's these have been buit and configued using X64bit XP.


      The device ID is Ven_14E4 Dev_1692 - Which is a broardcom driver - The drivers were downloaded and installed via the update driver pack tool and I can see them in the vboot image. (I have also inserted the x64 bit drivers into the image in the odd case that the OS X64 is an issue)


      I still am getting the "I cannot find the drivers for the network" card error message and cannot see why!!!


      Does anyone have any good suggestions or things to check? I have looked over some other posts and cant find any resolutions - This keeps happening and I really find it hard to find a solution! - PE dosent appear to be rich in toold to help me troubleshoot!!


      Any help will be great!!


      P.S. Landesk Ver 8.8

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          EMiranda Expert

          I checked out those T1500 drivers and they are quite new drivers.  January 08, 2010.  I'm not sure if the download pack is downloading these drivers.  You can do this another way by going out to Dell's site and download the XP broadcom drivers for your T5100 manually.  You should only need the 32-bit version for your version of winpe.



          After you download them, extract the drivers with 7zip or some extracting utility.  The folder you want to pull from there is:





          those should be the correct drivers.


          if you still want to use the driverpack utility to add your drivers, just create a new folder where the wpedownload.exe is downloading the drivers and name it broadcom4.nic  and drop those files into it.



          Now add your drivers to the pe and it should work.