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    Tree Node Description Attributes Dropping During Upgrade to 7.3


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      I feel I have abused this communities hospitality over the last several weeks, but here I am again asking for some assistance. We are currently testing the upgrade process from 7.2.2 to 7.3 and working out as many kinks as possible before we do it on live and I've just noticed another slight issue. For all attributes on the upgraded copy of the Live DB all the Tree Node Description attributes have been removed from the Business Object level. I don't really want to have to add them all back in manually but at the moment when creating assignments or anything else that writes to the Tree, all we get is a straight ID number instead of the previously mapped attributes for Create Date/User etc. This is happening on Incident, Problem and Change.


      Does anyone know what causes this and how to prevent it or import all the settings at once? Or is this something that is unavoidable?


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      Anthony Mitchell

      The AA.