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    Use OSD to deploy users choice


      Is there a way that a user can deploy via OSD without a menu item pointing to a specific ghost file? Is the only way to use OSD is to have this presetup in the menu?


      How about the case when you do capture of an image and it is named using the computer name. How is someone supposed to restore it using LANDesk since that file name won't be listed as a menu item?

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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Let me see if I understand what you mean.


          You have a lot of machines that you might capture images from.  Almost like you are using imaging as a backup?


          Machine1 -> caputre to machine1.gho

          Machine2 -> capture to machine2.gho

          Machine3 -> caputre to machine3.gho

          Machine4 -> capture to machine4.gho

          Machine5 -> caputre to machine5.gho

          Machine6 -> capture to machine6.gho


          Machine100 -> capture  to machine100.gho


          So then lets say that someone's computer drive dies and you replace it and you want to restore the backed up image.  But you don't want a menu item for every possible computer in your environment because you have 100s or 1000s of computers.


          So when you then PXE boot to WinPE Menu and open the OSD Script Menu, you want a single script: "Load my image".


          That script would then load the correct image.


          This can be done using Database BNFs. Look in the script, there are already examples of where we use BNFs.

          %Computer - Device Name%

          %Computer - Device ID%


          These are inventory values. So you would use these inventory values.


          So if your machine exists in the LANDesk inventory database already, you can just call the image name as "%Computer - Device Name%.gho" then it uses the inventory value and will dynamically pull the desired image.

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            This might work if I knew the image name I wanted to deploy. But I don't see how to apply it in the script that would allow the person trying to use the menu to choose the location of which file to restore.


            Additionallly, since I have sites all over the place with different repositories at each site, I am looking for a way that the person using OSD could browse to the location and choose the file.

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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              This can be done but requires some tweaking.


              By default in our script, we only mount a drive to the imaging tool and a drive to the imaging source. Drives are H: (imaging tool), and I: (Image file location).


              You need to mount a different drive based on the IP address the system gets when it boots to WinPE.  You cannot do that in the script, but you could modify create a batch file or script that mounts the correct directory based on IP Address, and inject that file into the WinPE image.


              The logic is simple: (this is not a script just logic that you can use for any script)

              If (IP Address Range == Site 1 IP Address Range)

                   mount the share for Site 1

              Else if (IP Address Range == Site 2 IP Address Range)

                   mount hte share for site 2

              End if



              Create an OSD Script called: Choose Your Image.


              Then in the OSD Script, change the line that mounts drive I: to call the script you added to  WinPE.

              Also in the OSD Script, change the line that calls your imaging tool.  Change it to just call the tool with no switches.  That way it will launch the GUI and someone will be able to use the Imaging Tools GUI to navigate to the correct place in the I: Drive.


              Now you just have to educate the users where to navigate to.