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    Auto close task process


      Hello together,


      we are using LANDesk Service Desk in the version 7.3.1.


      Is it possible to auto close a task process?


      We want to have the possibiliy to close a ticket in several status. And in one status there a probably one or more task processes active. So if the action "close" the ticket is executed all the active tasks have to be closed automatically. Is this possible an how is this possible?


      Thanks for the help.




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          aparker Employee

          Hi Timo,


          The best way to do this will be using scheduled bulk actions based on queries. You'll need to make sure you have the correct queries running in the correct order and that the result set has the actions available in the processes. Schedule these to run overnight and that will be all you need to do.




          Make it sound so simple don't I.