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    Inventory scan on mobile devices


      I have loaded a Landesk 9 core server, and I have created a self installing default Windows Package for a bunch of laptops that will periodically use 3G connections which allow them access to the core server.


      Is it enough to just load the inventory agents on the laptops - i.e. is the agent intelligent enough to sense when it has access to the Core server, and then send it's inventory updates - or must something else be done?


      Best regards and thanks.



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          The inventory scanner can be set to detect when an IP address change occurs and preform a scan (mini or delta). This is a setting in your agent configuration for that agent.


          If you set the scanner to scan on IP address change then it should detect when the IP Address of the laptop changes when the VPN link is connected and confirmed within the laptop.

          This should also trigger a scan and update to the core server also when they are conencted to the main LAN, and thus to the core server that way.


          I am of course assuming that the laptop users will be forming a VPN connection to your network etc, and they will be online long enough to transfer the data. However the scan should only be a delta scan rather than a full scan, ideally you would preform a full scan while they are still connected to your main network.


          I hope that this helps you get the scans reported back to your core server, in nthe method you need.



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            Many thanks for your answer Stephen.


            What I am actually looking for, is that an alert is sent if a device has not reported to the core server for two weeks, or a user installs unauthorised software, or removes ram etc.


            We are licensed for LDMS 9.0 inventory and ALM 9.0. With this software, is it possible to configure such alerts?


            Thanking you in advance.