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    Questions about policy-based software distribution




      We're using LANDesk 8.8 SP3 to distribute software to our Windows clients.


      We use policy-based software distribution where a LDAP query is used as a target for the scheduled task.


      As far as we understand, the policy is triggered based on the query results, the policy is made available on the core server for the clients and the agent will detect the policy and schedule the task locally.


      We notice however, that the time it takes to distribute the software this way is not happening consequently. Sometimes, the distribution is triggered 10 minutes after logon, sometimes up to an hour before the first task is rolled out.


      Can anyone explain how this system of policy-based software distribution works and how/if it can be manipulated manually from the client/agent?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Policy based distribution is a pull from the agent and not a push from the server. So the policies are scheduled and run by the Agent. It sounds like your Agent it configured to run policies after login and there is a delay of up to an hour after the logon event happens. Check your Software Distribution | Policy options in the agent to confirm.


          Basically, the Scheduled Task/Software Distribution process runs like this.


          1. Scheduled Task is created and started at which time the associated queries are run to populate it.
          2. The Distribution Package is made available to the agent(s).
          3. Agent runs it scheduled Policy Update and retreaves a list of Distribution Packages it has/has not already run and then runs them.
          4. The Scheduled Task reports the Return Code to indicate whether the Distribution Package was successful or not, but this does not update whether or not the Agent now registers the Distribution Package was successful.
          5. Agent performs an inventory and updates its records in the LANDesk database which also includes success/failure of the Distribution Package.


          All of these updates run on the scheduled times based on how your Agent is configured as well as the Scheduler Service on the LANDesk core.