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    PXE Question




      How do you force a workstation to automatically load winpe only when it has a job assigned to it?  For example, I tried to put a pxe rep in the holding queue, but it made every device on the subnet boot to the managed device pxe screen upon boot.  This caused users to freak out.--- Since I am new at this I have tested with using the manual F8 method, but this will not do any good when a machine is 20 miles away.  Can this be setup to do this?

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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          You can put a PXE Rep in a holding Queue, in which case all devices in its subnet will boot once to WinPE Managed.  This is fine if you boot every device once and let them boot all the way to WinPE and send a miniscan.  Once every device has PXE Booted once, then only new devices on the subnet will boot to the holding queue.


          Or you can put a single device in the holding queue.

          Try the single device way, it looks like it is closer to the feature set you want.

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            Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

            You can also do a VBoot, where you push a task to a live machine and instead of PXE booting, it copies the WinPE to the hard drive and boots off it that way.