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    Excluding a Subnet





      Good morning all,


      We at the Belgian post have a problem.


      A lot of users connect with there network cable plugged-in and also the wireless active.

      When the cable is unplugged the ip of that cable is released and given to another pc.

      Now when we try to push LANDesk gives an error that 'another agent responded.'


      We have a lot of issues with this. Our main goal now is to try and prevent LANDesk from pushing to a wireless client. Does anyone have a solution or a better idea?


      We were thinking about blocking landesk from pushing to the Wireless subnet?

      but is this possible?

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          We have the same problem.. we are getting "bad" results in TASK deployments because users switch from wired t wireless or have both at same time... and the inventory SCHEDULED task and the inventory EVENT-driven task (miniscan on ip change) is not working for us.


          Some of our sites have BOTH wired and wireless on the same subnet, so we can't approach it from a subnet "what is the ip" issue.



          It SEEMS you could create a query which interrogates the NIC (see attached).

          I'm not good w/ queries at this level... Perhaps another reader or Landesk engineer can make a suggestion on which objects to use to build a working query.


          step 1:  create a query ..... you would create a query for users that are not  wireless.


          step 2: You use this query as a PRE-REQUISITE in your Distribution Pacakge.. this tells landesk that the targets must meet this critiera (not be wirless).


          again.. this is only as good as your inventory scans..if you have a lousy inventory setup (bandwidth too high, event driven scans not working etc., users unplug before the randomized time.) you won't get good info.


          This seems to work for us.. we have 35 of these queries which we use for task filters.

          Especially useful is using a prereq query NOT VPN.. meaning you don' t want to target your TASK when people are connected via vpn.


          Hope i made sense

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            This is a perfect Enhancement Request for Microsoft and Network Card manufacturers. Only 1 active IP/NIC on workstation machines at any time. Even though the OS only supports the use of 1 nic at a time, if both are active and have a stored IP (in registry), it will still try and use it. User education is about the only solution you have at the moment.


            Anyways, until that day, you are left with few options. Check your agent inventory settings and try changing the "When IP address changes" setting (assuming it might not be selected). Also, as already mentioned, write your queries to only include the subnets that are not wireless. Schedule inventory scans to run more frequently either in the agent or by a scheduled task.