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    IP address Change slow to update




      I was wondering if anyone else was having a similar issue to me. We use a Juniper Nac system at the college, this means when a PC boots up to its logon prompt it gets an IP address from VLAN A. The user then enters their log on credentials, a Junipler supplicant does its job and allows access to the network or not. If the user is allowed to log onto the network it moves into a new VLAN (B) where it gets a new IP address.


      When moving from VLAN A to VLAN B there seemes to be no problem updating the IP address but when the PC restarts and goes back to VLAN A it isn't reporting this change to the LD Server.


      Does anyone know how Landesk reports IP address change, ie does miniscan.exe run at login or does it use DNS. Also is there a way of forcing a client to report back its IP address regularly?




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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          You want to become familiar with Local Scheduler.


          You can see your local scheduler tasks on a client with this command:

          C:\program files\landesk\ldclient\localsch.exe /tasks |more


          Or on 64 bit


          C:\program files (x86)\landesk\ldclient\localsch.exe /tasks |more


          You will see a task that runs a miniscan but has a Frequency of 600 and a filter of "IP Address Change".


          By default, the agent does a miniscan on IP Address change.  Then, if both the IP Address changes and 600 seconds (10 minutes) goes by, it sends another one.


          So, in your scenario, I would expect since at Bootup the IP Address changes from to VLAN A's IP, that may trigger the IP Address change a miniscan with VLAN A's IP might be sent. So a user logs in right away (inside the 10 minute frequency), the IP Address changes again to VLAN B, you should get a miniscan approximate 10 minutes after the first one with the new VLAN B's address.



          Play with the local scheduler settings and test them out.

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            Hi Rhyous


            Thats great information cheers.


            Just checked out my local scheduler and there is no setting for miniscan.exe. Could this be a potential problem that I have?


            If I set up a schedule for miniscan at just IP address change this should cause a IP adress update at the point of entry into VLAN A and when the user logs into VLAN B is this correct?


            Also if the miniscans are running every 10 min on 2000 PC wont this cause alot of network trafic?




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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              A default agent with no changes has it in 8.8 and 9.0, so your agent must have been altered to not do this.


              If you create a new agent and you don't make any changes and install that, does it have the proper local scheduler tasks?