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    Change Management Reminders not working?


      I found this article .. http://community.landesk.com/support/message/14816#14816


      I am also experiencing some oddness with the Change Management reminders, in my Incident process I am able to select any user to send a notification too, even one that isnt involved in the process (e.g. a random contact from our database) as long as I select the "Notify Asignee" checkbox on the reminder window.


      However ... in Change Management this doesnt appear to be possible, I have checked the notification tables and I can see that the messages are getting there and also the messages are getting into the tps_user_message table but ITBM is not populating the email address from the value type user that I have specified so nothing gets sent.


      Is this because in Change you can only explicity use the Raise User (Originator) value and Current Assignment (Asignee) as apposed to a user that you specify??


      I have tried unticking the "Notify asignee" checkboxs and just using the user drop down but that doesnt appear to  work either ....


      any advice appreciated

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          oh and .. before anyone says it.


          Yes I have checked the is active field and Yes the send date is in the past.



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            Hi Kyle,


            I've just checked here on a 7.3.2 out-of-the-box database and can't find anything wrong with Change Reminders - they're working in just the same way as Incident.  The fact that the tps_user_message and tps_user_message_recipient tables are populated suggests that the problem isn't with Background processing or indeed the process itself but instead is the User record.


            Do the Users you're selecting have their notification method set to external?  If you were to send a reminder to the same Users from Incident, do they receive the notification?  Could you have any triggers on your database that might be interfering with the processing of these notifications?


            If you're still stuck after checking the above things I'd recommend you log an Incident with your Support provider for further assistance.