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    Multiple outbound email addresses


      Hi all,


      Sorry if this question has been asked already, but I couldn't find it here.
      Is it possible to set multiple outbound email addresses without using the inbound mailbox settings?
      Meaning can I set an outbound email address tied to the user/company profile, for example...


      Thank you.

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          Done some testing over the weekend and found out that it is actually tied to the process itself.
          This means that if  you have process A for customer A, all the notifications can be configured to  appear to be sent from A@A.com.
          Similarly, you  would need a seperate process flow (process B) to send from B@B.com.
          This works regardless of how the ticket  has been generated, whether thru email auto ticket creation or thru the service  portal.


          The customer has accepted this and will proceed to configure separate addresses on a per process basis.

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            Could you explain how this was achieved? We are trying something similar...