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    Open and closed incidents


      Hi, all:


      When I use LDSD, I have a problem, can someone please help me out?


      I as a Helpdesk admin, assign an incident to one engineer, and thie engineer resolve the incident and closes it. I have two query reports section: My open incidents and My closed incidents, namely querying the incidents.


      Ideally, once resolved this incident should be remove from my open incidents, and appeared in my closed incidents section. However, in practive it is still IN my open incidents with its state being closed.


      The attached are the screenshots.


      Can someone figure out what is wrong?


      Thank you very much~!

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          I'm guessing that the query criteria on your Open Incidents query is something like "Latest Assignment User is Me"  You need to change this to "Current Assigned User is Me" and then Incidents that are no longer assigned to you will stop showing in your Open Incidents list.





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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            Update your "Closed" query to say where Status is equal to closed and change your "Open" query to where Status is not equal to closed.  This way you should get everything that has a status of Closed in one and the other will give you everything that does not have a status of Closed.  this is how we use it.