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    Sumo scan spamming

    Meat Rookie

      Sumo scan reports are spamming my mailbox with outdated information every couple of hours. Short of entering a false email address, what can I do to tone this down? Perhaps it should only send when something has changed?


      "17 directories targeted

      55 total directories scanned
      1327 files scanned
      7 new errors
      7 directories added
      888 files previously changed
      127 files previously added


      File system change list:
      /etc/blkid.tab.old   =>   CHANGED
      file has been added
      /etc/php.ini.bak   =>   ADDED
      file has been added
      /etc/services   =>   CHANGED
      file has been added



      Do I have to manually diff the reports? Doesn't appear as though anything has changed from one report to another.

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          seeing the exact same issue here.

          Sumo scans coming in evere two hours.

          Same content in each mail (just some timestamps that differs)


          Looks like the sumo feature does not work correctly on the management gateway!


          LANDesk, please respond!


          best regards,

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            I experienced the same issue on my customers installations. Simply another very annoying thing LANDesk didn't think about.


            It seems there's no way to "reset" SUMO state accepting changes using web interface.


            Using SSH, you can modify admin user rights to gain root access, then invoke "sudo bash" command to became root.

            When you are root, you can recreate SUMO check file, accepting all appened changes.


            Honestly, I erase customer admin email address from email page in LDMG web interface. Hope LANDesk would fix it ASAP.

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              Tom Farrugia SupportEmployee

              LANDesk has this logged as a defect.  For now they suggest disabling e-mail on the Gateway.  I couldn't remove the email address once entered so I just disabled smtp for that adapter.

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                If you are having this issue with SUMO reports, contact support and ask to be added to CR 44745.


                The only workaround at the moment is to remove the email address from the Management Gateway.