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    managedPlanet command



      I have some commands in managedPlanet (console extender), and want to share with my teams, anyone knows how to distribute these to the public like schedule tasks or public queries, so that everyone can use.  I did numbers of searchings, but could not find anythings relate.


      thanks in advance.



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          If you are using the free ManagedPlanet console extender, the entries in the console extender menu are saved in the Registry.


          You would have to first install the extender on the PC, and then you can simply import the registry entries.


          If you have the Full Managed Planet tool, it's probably similar to this.


          The keys are stored in HKLM\Software\Managed Planet\Console Extender\Plugins


          You can add your own to the menu by copying the examples and just add new keys in a similar format


          Once you have everything working how you want, just export the "Plugins" tree as a .reg file and then import it on the other PC's.

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            Great tips ! I will try this soon, probably push out to my teams via schedule tasks


            Thanks a lot Gary !