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    Using HII: Windows setup asks for driver path


      I have added all the drivers for an IBM 8148 to HII.  The PC will image the drivers download then it reboots.  Durring the detection phase of the setup it asks for the path to the network and video card.  The default path of c:\windows\system32\drivers is not being useed.  It is looking in the c:\ibmtools directory.  Which is interesting in itself because the image was built on a dell.  Is there anyway to force the detection to look in the system32\drivers directory

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          Try specifying the driver directory within the syspreptemp.inf file that's on the core server.


          I've used the LDPrep tool for years, under XP SP2, to ensure the proper drivers were injected. I didn't image SP3 for several reasons, one of them was it broke that tool. I would also use a directory in the root level of the hard drive (such as C:\Drivers) for all driver injections during the imaging process.


          I plan to start testing with a Windows 7 imaging process, as well as XP, under LDMS9 soon. If you're still on v8.8, then the above mode should work just fine.

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            Thanks, I am using LDMS9 with HII.  I decided to start from scratch with a fresh install of XP.  I only installed the network driver so I could put updates and install software.  Now the driver detection is not stopping durring mini setup and HII has injected the proper drivers for 6 models now.  Good luck with windows 7 I will be starting that soon.