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    Admin Studio and Dependent Files




      I just created an msi package in Admin Studio, but am not sure what files I need to include as dependencies to the distribution job.  Do I include everything in the folder that was put out by Admin Studio Package Creator or do I only need certain files.  I really don't want files that are not needed being shot across my network.


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          +1 same boat here:


          Like you I have observed a bunch of files being created as well.  And after the repackaging wizard is run I try to run the Distribution Wizard to create the Landesk Distribution Package I get a warning that states:


          begin quote"


          Distribution Wizard

          You have xxx total files to copy.

          Multicast performance will be improved if you place all the dependent

          files in a single MSI package.

          Do you still want to continue?


          yes - no


          "end quote


          I'm not sure what to make of that...I thought the whole idea of using this tool was that I would generate a single MSI file as it suggests, however nothing I do seems to get the wizards to generate just a single file.




          it seems that the snapshot and repackaging wizard creates a directory structure which looks like:








          SYSTEM64FOLDER (on a 64-bit system, that is me)




          then a bunch of files




          .? (AdminStudio Repackager Project)

          .? (same)


          .msi (the actual package that needs to be distributed)

          Build Log.txt





          I've tested a manual installation of just the MSI file and found that one to be the real deal, however when I setup a SWD task which installs it the task fails with a return code of 16389.  The log file that is extracted from the console shows:


          begin quote"


          Processing package : mypackagename

          Thu, 17 Mar 2011 09:55:46 File (\\myshare\mypackagename.msi) is not in cache
          Thu, 17 Mar 2011 09:55:46 processing of package is complete, result -2147467259 (0x80004005 - code 16389)


          "end quote



          I'm really not sure what to make of any of this; unless I've missed it there doesn't seem to be any relevant AdminStudio 9.5/LDMS 9.0 content here in the forum.  The Flexera forum can be found here:




          there also doesn't seem to be much relevant and CURRENT content there either.


          I'm wondering if there is a Best Practices document which is updated for LDMS 9.0 and AdminStudio 9.5 which distills the process options into a simple step by step guide?  so far I have not turned up such a document.