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    Upgrade to 7.3.2




      This might seem like a stupid question, but why doesn't the 73Upgrade.PDF included w/ the 732Disk1.zip actually tell you when in the steps you are supposed to install the new version?


      I am trying to upgrade from 7.3.1, so these are the steps I am supposed to follow:

      1. Uninstall Verity (V7.3.2), see page 7.

      2. Network Login upgrade (before V7.2), see page 7.

      3. Correct any data filters added in V7.2 or V7.2.1, see page 8.

      4. Determine your window publishing rules (before V7.2), see page 11.

      5. Fix clonedmodules (V7.3.1), see page 13.

      6. Meta DataManager (config.aspx) (all versions), see page 13.

      7. Run the Fix Application Settings tool from the Run TPS Tools utility (before V7.2.6), see page 14.

      8. Log in to Service Desk as SA on a client that has the correct CopySettings.xml to migrate the copy rules into the database, and tomigrateWelcome pages to dashboards (before V7.3), see page16.

      9. Apply your new licence (all versions) see page 16.

      10. Run the appropriate TPS Tools (all versions) see page 17.  Run these tools once each. You need to run these tools from a computer that has Service Desk installed on it.

      11. Run the Time Zone Adjuster tool (before V7.3), see page 20.

      12. Remove unwantedmodules (before V7.2.3), see page 22.

      13. Migrate windows (before V7.2), see page 23.

      14. Enable windows for LANDesk Web Desk (before V7.3), see page 27.

      15. Reimplement linked attributes - data filtering (before V7.2), see page 30.

      16. Update privileges (before V7.2), see page 36.

      17. Add User Sessions query (before V7.2), see page 37.

      18. Set up auto populating the SLM matrix priority (before V7.2), see page 38.

      19. Set the default query for linking processes inWeb Desk (before V7.3), see page 40.

      20. Simplify sending notifications in processes (optionally, before V7.2.3), see page 42.

      21. Add customer satisfaction tracking (optionally, before V7.2.3), see page 43.

      22. Change the password hashing algorithm (optionally, before V7.2.4), see page 44.

      23. Configure clearing theMessage Recipient table (optionally, before V7.3.1), see page 44.

      24. Migrate Verity ExcludedWords to Lucene (optionally, 7.3.2), see page 46.

      25. Install a JVM on the TPS server if you are using Active Knowledge to index external documents (optionally, 7.3.2), see page 47.


      You will notice not one actually says Run 7.3.2 Installer...


      What I would like to know:

      When am I supposed to do it?

      Will this be fixed in the next version?

      Are there any other steps missed?  (eg: do I have to uninstall 7.3.1 first?)



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          Agreed that it is a little strange.


          Trying it yesterday I un-installed before step 1. However you may have issues with the 7.3.2 installer not being able to un-install 7.3.1 components. I did - which resulted in me un-installing components via 'Add/Remove Progams' - and then for the elements which refused to un-install then having to use Microsoft's Clean-Up tool (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301) and then manually removing services using 'sc delete'.


          Having done that it seems to work.


          Another top tip - there doesn't appear to be a note to get the WebDesk and Service Desk Lucene instances to line up. I found that editing WebDesk's 'tps.config' to point to Service Desk's Lucene instance appeared to do the trick - but this may not be the correct way.


          Have fun....

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            elizabethcombrink Expert

            You are right of course - hopefully it will be fixed for the next release.


            Those instructions fit in between installing the new version, and logging in for the first time.


            Regarding the uninstall - 7.3.2 should install over 7.3.1, but as this is new functionality, it may be that you need to uninstall the previous version.


            Once you have 7.3.2 installed properly, you do the MDM (metadata manager bit that upgrades the database)


            Always practise your upgrade on a test environment, and go through all the new functionality and bug fixes to make sure that something that you've designed for before has not been changed inadvertently

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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Clint,


              As Elizabeth said, the upgrade guide starts (maybe incorrectly!) after the installation.  See the LDSDSetup guide for more details on running the installer itself.


              Stephen do you have a record of the errors you received when trying to uninstall?  There is onw known issue with uninstalling the Knowledge Management Engine component, it may have been that.  The error message and how to resolve it are detailed at: Error when uninstalling 7.3.1 Knowledge Management Engine.



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                No - it was a different un-installation error (though I did see the Knowledge Management one as well). This one was complaining about 'SavedState' on a number of App Server modules. Have raised a ticket to get it logged though my work-around seemed to work (so far.... :-)).