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    Manage Script - State in Landesk DB


      Hi all,


      I have a problem don't ask me why or how but we had about 500 Manage Scripts that were marked with the state "PRIVATE"

      For some reason this has all been reset to Public.


      I don't want to manualy change all of them so i was searching in the sql db for this but i can't find it.


      Can anyone tell me if this is stored in the DB if so where?



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          Hi there,


          Unfortunately, I can not help you out with this as one of our IT officers reported the same thing this afternoon.

          After doing a repair on our core server (DBRepair.exe to counter the "Sovdware" / "Sofdware" / etc... entries), we noticed that the private scripts were "converted" to public scripts.

          Some questions :


          - I know that these scripts are kept on the core server (one file / script) but is there a way to see the owner of private scripts?

          - could the DBRepair have anything to do with this change?




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            Thanks for the awnser.


            The Repair DB could be the problem because we ran it 2 day's before we noticed that all the scripts where public again.


            The owner of the script isn't visible in the file itself.


            We have however renamed the script and added "obsolete" so i have a ref. on what scripts need to be private again but up until now

            i still can't find a way to script this.


            Anyone any idea?