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    deployed images are unable to join domain




      I am new to Landesk. I have started of with Landesk 9. Here is what i am doing :


      Sysprep the reference machine with a simplest answer file and take an image of that machine and store in a network share. I have the image ready and now i create an OSD script to deploy this image to my target machines.


      In the deploy script, under Methods and Credentials, i choose Classical download and select Image uses SysPrep. I do not give additional commands. Now go to SysPrep options and select Windows 7 as the product.

      Give image settings and in Network credentials select Domain and give correct Domain credentials and check the Add device to an Active Directoru OU.


      I also give the Naming convention as Mind-nnn (assuming this will generate Mind001, mind002, etc). Set Auto Detect for HI Imaging. give the landesk agent location and save the script. I load this in Pxe Boot and deploy to the target machine.


      Once the deployment is successfull, I see the image being loaded fine, but the computername is same as the reference machine's name and the machine is not joined to the Domain.


      Please help me resolve this problem. I know i an missing something, can somebody guide me on where i am wrong.

      Once this is complete, i will work on capturing and storing profiles as i have to work on upgrading XP Laptops to Windows 7.


      Appreciate your early response.


      Thanks in advance.