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    LDMS 9 SWD Package Failing (Not in cache)


      Maybe someone can point me in the right direction here. I'm working in a test environment and I've created a basic EXE SWD Package. When I create my policy supported push and run my scheduled task to push it out, the task fails. After viewing the log it says File (%FileName%) is not in cache.


      I would like to point a few things out to help in troubleshooting this:


      Delivery Method (Setup)

      • Use download from source to deploy files
      • Peer download (only install from cache or peer is unchecked

      Distribution Package (Setup)

      • Deploying an EXE with Additional Files
      • Using LocalSystem account to distribute packages



      One additional note, for testing purposes with the LANDesk Agent on Windows 7 with UAC, I've changed the Scheduler Account (Services --> Scheduler) to a Domain Administrator account. Not sure if this has anything to do with anything.

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          If you're still having issues, I'd first look at where the files are coming from.  If you're distributing via UNC path, make sure the share is open and the files are open, from a permissions perspective.  I personally prefer to distribute via http; this way I have the web server logs to look at to see if the request for the files are actually being made, and that the data is successfully getting to the client (of course you won't see this if the client is getting the files from a peer).