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    Sending a email after few days.




      In one of the process (CM), we have a date field "Release Date". Once this is submitted to our IT department and approves it, our network department has to provide some access to the folder on that particular date and time filled in the "Release Date"


      This is manually done done by the user here, as he/she sends a email requesting the access and Network department will provide the access as needed.


      - The question is...


      Say when I submit to CM to the IT department for approval... is there any way to trigger a email to Network department 30 minutes before to the "Release Date"  automatically? (rather end user requesting manually)


      It is something like a queue, all the Release Date will be different and it must send accordingly. Is this something TP can do? or from the database side we have play?


      /n RMudugal