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    Upgrading Core Server OS

    JesseCar Apprentice

      Hello All, I am planning on upgrading our core server OS from Server 2003 R2 Std to Server 2003 R2 Enterprise and wanted to know if anyone here has gone through the same process. I want to know if this will require a reinstall of the LDMS application?

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          I have not tested doing this upgrade myself so I do not know what will happen if you do this, I am not sure exactly why you want to do this upgrade.


          In order to ensure that this issue is not going to break the core server, you can using the tool from VMWare take a virtual copy of your core server and then perform the upgrade as a test on that virtual copy of the core server.




          The key things to remember are that the name of the core server must remain the same etc.


          If you feel you need to reinstall the core server, then you should be able to maintain the agents and the like as long as the name remains the same and you transfer the certificates from the old install. More details on this can be found in the upgrade and migration documents on this site.

          You may also want to consider doing an upgrade to both your OS and LDMS version etc, however without knowing your environment I cannot recommend what would be best for you.


          I hope the above will help you get to a solution and test environment you can use before doing it "Live"



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