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    LANDesk Inventory in a virtual Desktop environment




      We're running VMWare View, and virtual desktops. Our current configuration is that a desktop is destroyed when someone logs off, and a new desktop is generated in it's place. Part of our image install is the LANDesk Agent and LANDesk inventory scanner. It seems like every time a desktop is regenerated, we are getting a duplicate inventory entry where the regenerated desktop has a name that has already been added. Has anyone else run into this before?... Is there a "deregister" switch we can supply the LANDesk agent prior to the desktop being nuked?.. Either that, or is there a method we can force inventory to use the computer name rather than the UUID or SID?...




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          Can you explain a little on how you are imaging? if you are using OSD scripts. LDISCAN.cfg will keep the devices from duplicating.  You will see something like this in the OSD script


          REMEXEC31=cmd /c copy /y X:\LDClient\guid.pds C:\LDISCAN.CFG

          REMEXEC32=tokreplw C:\LDISCAN.CFG DEVICEID=%Computer - Device ID%


          you can also check the settings on your core:


          Go to Configure > Service > Inventory > Device IDs: should be Reject Duplicate Identities there.

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            The imaging of new virtual machines is handled by a software package called view. We have a few "master" images with various applications on them, and the View Broker makes linked virtual clones of those images, registeres them is AD, and makes them available for use by clients.


            Unfortunately I don't know enough about how LANDesk keys it's inventory... If it's using UUIDs, then each virtual machine has a new UUID, but could have duplicate computer names... So, for instance:


            A desktop pool is linked from "Image A", and a predefined number of desktops are duplicated from that image... Say DesktopA1 - DesktopA5 for computer names. All of these desktops are created, powered up, made AD members, and they all have the LANDesk remote utility and inventory scanner on them. They are all put into inventory and show up as "DesktopA1 - A5".


            A user logs on to the broker, and is assigned DesktopA1.


            When they're done with the Desktop, they log off, and the desktop they were using is wiped out, and a new one generated. It's possible that the name "DesktopA1" will be used again, but for a completely new virtual machine, with a new UUID, MAC address, and likely a new IP address.


            At this point in our inventory we see two "DesktopA1" entries. One for the "old" DesktopA1, and one for the new one.


            Will what you mention solves that issue?...