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    Need to automate removal of Novell Client


      Could someone help me with removing Novell Client from my users PCs?

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          Jayson Apprentice

          What version of the NetWare Client?


          What we do for 4.91x for Windows XP is create a new installation file. Use ...\Novell\Version\admin\MCIMAN.exe to create a txt file called "uninstall.txt", which is set to remove all client components.


          Then create a software distribution as you normally

          example: In the Distribution Package use the command line


          for the EXE



          for the command line.


          a Run from Source, method works best.


          Many thanks


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            Version 4.91 SP3


            I've recently inherritad LANDesk, and I'm not too familiar with creating software distribution packages. But I'll take a stab at it.


            Thanks for your help.

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              ok, Novell doesnt seem to like being uninstalled automatically, but i think i have found a way - only problem is that the task reports as failed even though it has worked.  Difference between us is that we are using Novell Client 4.91 SP5, but it should be ok.


              The Novell client has an automatic client upgrade file (ACU.exe) which can be manipulated via ACU.ini to allow removal.


              Step 1 - Copy these two files from your novell client directory and put them in a folder (call it something original - like "novell client removal") in your LDESD share.


              Step 2 - edit the ACU.ini file and alter the settings so that:











              Step 3 - Create a distribution package.  (again call it something memorable) - the primary file is \\coreserver\ldesd\filename\acu.exe. Under additional files select the acu.exe and acu.ini files and save


              Step 4 - Schedule the job as per any other - we use software deployment portal.


              When the job is run on the client machine there are "files being deleted" pop-ups, but it is all automated.  Only thing that can go wrong is the user clicking cancel on one of these pop ups.  Also the machine doesnt automatically reboot, which is necessary to remove the Novell Shell.


              We havnt used it broad scale yet, but are planning to in the near future - give it a go and let me know how\if it works for you.

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                bwallace Apprentice

                @Jason Reed,


                Your solution seems to be working for us. Only thing is that I named my uninstall.txt as UNATTEND.TXT and only had to add /u switch and it automatically pulls the unattend file.