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    Problem writing an OR query


      Hi I'm having a problem writing an OR query.  I am trying to display all calls that are assigned to a particular group (can either do it with current assignent = current group or current assignment = servicedesk) that are either active (our status is called open incident) or pending (a whole list of other statuses) that have a due date of today or earlier.


      The query I have written is:

      Current Assignment.Group = Servicedesk

      AND Status = Open Incident

      Or Status.Title is one of (With 3rd Party, Awaiting User Info, Awaiting User Appointment etc)

      AND Current Assignment.Group = Servicedesk

      AND Due Date is within the previous 1 Year


      Not all calls have anything in the due date but all that are pending should have, in the 1st set (open incident) I want them included if its ticked or not

      The query returns no results but should return about 10 based on other seperate queries that display the data seperatly.  I am using 7.2.6


      Thanks for any help with this