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    Inventory Scan


      Okay, so here is an aboslute pain point.


      I've got a client machine here that've I've deployed my agent to. The client ran it's intial scan and everything was in LDMS9 just fine. I then installed Wireshark and ran an inventory scan from the client. I checked the inventory on the core. Wireshark did not show. I ran an inventory scan from the core to the client , Wireshark still did not show. I went back to the client added a /F /SYNC onto the the Inventory Scan and checked on the core once more. Wireshark was finally there.


      Any suggestion to why the regular scan is not capturing the changes to the client?

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          Jason SupportEmployee

          By default a full inventory scan(software) is ran once in a rolling 24 hour period, all subsequent scans do not contain software information just hardware. You can force a full scan at anytime as you did to get the full software scan. The 24 hour period time frame can be modified to every login or every X days. This setting is controlled under configure--services--inventory-software. You can also create a custom script that does a full inventory scan that way you can schedule a task from the core so you don't have to manual modify the clients command line.

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            Thank you, I did not know that. It was driving me nuts.