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    Cannot get HII working in LDMS9 (BSOD on boot)


      One of the main reasons I upgraded from 8.8 to 9.0 was for the HII. We have a bunch of different machine types and right now I have about 30 image deployment scripts. HII would allow me to cut that number down significantly... if I could get it working.


      I created the XP SP3 image on an HP DC7600 ran sysprep -factory then sysprep audit, captured the image, and created my deployment script. I added all of the correct drivers for my Dell Optiplex 760 and the imaging process looks like it works alright; It copys all of the drivers over to \WINDOWS\LDDriverStore.


      The problem is that it wont boot. As soon as it starts trying to load Windows, I immediately get a BSOD then a reboot. The BSOD flashes so fast that I cant even read it. Why is this happening and how can I get this to work? I feel like I'm missing something really stupid, but I appriciate your help.


      Also another question- How can I change the default resolution of the boot.wim image? The imagex v2 window is bigger than the default resolution and you cant see it all. Do I have to edit the boot.wim again?